As an engineering company with wealth of experience in material handling equipment, our services are sub-divided into:

  1. Repairs
  2. Manning
  3. Servicing & Maintenance
  4. Construction of lifting equipment.
  1. Repairs: As a global entrepreneurial brand with international partner, we repair forklift truck (Diesel, Petrol, Electric & Gas powered forklift truck) Crane, Hoist, Stackers, Order-picker, Scissors lift, Drum lifter/handler, Lifting equipment (Manual, Semi-electric & Fully electric powered lifting equipment) and others. Our repairs is not limited to a certain brand alone, we repair all brand of material handling equipment.

2. Manning: Manning service is a unique brand of service which saves companies alot of time, cost and resources. It is a contract agreement between a company and an engineering company to completely handle the repairs & servicing of forklift truck and other material handling equipment. That is, it is a complete contracting all repairs, servicing and other forklift related handling to an expert.

3. Servicing and Maintenance:We offer servicing & routine maintenance on forklift truck (All brand), hoist, crane and other material handling equipment. We have different range of packaging just to fit into clients budget.

4. Construction of Lifting Equipment: As an engineering company we construct lifting equipment of different type just to suit clients productions or operational needs. We construct manual lifting equipment, electrical lifting equipment, weighing bridge and others.