Forklift truck as become an integral part of production, its important can never be over emphasis to daily operations in terms of Time, Aid production and Save cost. Our forklift capacity ranges from 2ton, 2.5ton,3ton,3.5ton, 5ton and all the way to 10ton. For Diesel, Electric, Petrol, Gas and dual powered forklift truck.

Crane/Hoist: Thinking about giving your operations the desire expansion,We have crane or hoist of different type like Silo, Overcrane, Gantry Crane, Cullet Crane, Mobile Crane, Floor Crane and others of capacity from 500kg to 100000kg of electric or manually powered crane or hoist of your needs. Our crane for your Indoor or Outdoor operational needs  of single or Double crane to support your operations. Our brand are produce in line with ISO standard.

Order-picker truck: for any of your stores related works, our order-picker truck with the latest innovations and easy to use & maintain is just what every organization need. Our order-picker truck are technology driven innovations with keen interest in safety of both the operator and goods.

Stackers: We have the latest and innovative stacker truck of either manually operated, Semi-electric or fully electric powered operated stacker to drive your productions toward actualization of your organization goals. Operations has evolved, so don’t be on the fence when you can dominate your world.

Scissors lift and Boom lift: for your aerial or height work, our aerial platform truck with keen preference to safety of the both the users and the product, make us your solution provider. Our scissors lift and boom lift comes with different range of lifting height from 14m,16m,18m height as needs varies so also we got you covered on any lift height for your aerial work.

Drum lifter or Drum handler: for your drum lifting task, we have drum lifter and handler of 205litre, 210 litre or 250 litre truck to any lifting height for all those lubricant needs to aid your production in various lift height either Manual or Electrical we have your need.

Lifting equipment: for all your special Manual, Semi-electric & Fully electric powered lifting equipment of different capacity, our team of engineers are well equip and have deep knowledge in lifting equipment just to meet your requirement.

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