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Our keen knowledge in Engineering and Consultant industry has helped us develop solutions that answer the “needs of today‚Äôs clients.”


Kestrel-Kay Ventures, we are a global entrepreneur brand with decade of experience in material handling equipment. we Supply, Repair, Manning, Servicing and Maintenance of Forklift truck, Crane, Hoist, Stackers, Scissors lift, Order-picker, Drum lifter, Drum handler, Reach truck, Lifting equipment (Manual, Semi-electric & Fully electric powered lifting equipment) and other material handling equipment. Also we supply genuine spare parts of all material handling equipment.

Producing a good pallet truck is about keeping the balance between the actual need of the customer and an attractive price level.


At Kestrel-Kay Ventures Equipment we believe in products that simply work. Our Vision is to build simple but powerful tools that support the daily operations of our customers at a reasonable price level. Depending on the operation, we offer a wide range of products to fulfil the individual need of every customer from occasional operation up to multi shift application in high frequency distribution centers

Find out more about or products now or contact us via E-Mail, Phone, WhatsApp, Twitter and Skype. We will be there to support you!

  • Forklift truck
  • Crane
  • Stacker
  • Order-picker
  • Scissors lift and Boom lift
  • Drum lift and Drum handler
  • Lifting equipment (Manual, Semi-electric & Fully Electric)
  • Other Material Handling Equipment
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